Encompass Health

Encompass Health case study provided by FlexPrint, a Flex Technology Group company

About Encompass Health

Encompass Health specializes in the treatment of varicose veins, spider veins, leg ulcers and other vein disorders. They are headquartered in Birmingham, Alabama, with 121 inpatient rehab hospitals in 29 states​, 179 home health locations in 23 atates​, and 34,700 employees​.


  • Multiple Vendors at Each Location / Inconsistent SLA’s​
  • Reactive maintenance issues​
  • No enterprise visibility to response/resolution​
  • No single escalation point of contact across 120+ vendors​
  • ITG were “Traffic Cops”​
  • HIPAA Compliance​
  • No accountability at the Field Tech Level​


  • Customized Service-Centric Program​
  • True Device Agnostic MPS Program​
  • Online “FlexInfo” and Resolution Tracking​
  • Custom Transparent Billing​
  • Preventative Maintenance / Onboarding​
  • Asset Management​


  • SLA’s Reduced From Weeks to 8 Hours​
  • Minimized Change Management vs. an Entire Fleet Overhaul​
  • Eliminated Wasted IT Time Manually Chasing Calls​
  • True Spend Visibility​
  • Discovered True Inventory and Reduced Service Calls Dramatically​
  • Hard Cost Reduction With A Long Term Strategy