Managed Print Services

The FTG-GO Difference: Managed Print as a Service

We create a custom managed print program that allows people, processes, and technologies to work together seamlessly and achieve your organization’s goals.

FTG-GO is a different kind of managed print services company – we offer custom-fit client-specific solutions, ongoing services, technology independence and much more. Every business is different – and so is every FTG-GO partnership. Using our In-Depth Assessment of your managed print services needs, we create a custom-fit program that allows people, processes, and technologies to work together seamlessly and achieve your organization’s goals.

Each FTG-GO partnership begins with Total Managed Print Services, a comprehensive cost-per-print program that works with your existing devices, providing maintenance, supplies, service, printer usage reporting and efficiency evaluation in one simple package.

We can also refresh some or all of your devices with new technology from world-leading printer manufacturers, giving you the benefit of a brand-new printing and imaging infrastructure without the capital investment of purchasing new devices.

No matter what level of service you choose, we’ll work closely with you to monitor your environment, ensuring our service adapts to your growth and changing needs – and allows you to replace the hassle of multiple vendors and invoices with one streamlined, easy-to-understand program.


As a service-led organization, we work to gain a complete understanding of your goals and objectives, taking any upcoming initiatives or changes that might influence your managed print services into account.


With your goals in mind, we analyze whether your existing devices and office printer processes are adequately meeting end users’ needs, allowing employees to work efficiently – or if they’re making it more difficult


Based on our in-depth analysis of your organization’s print infrastructure, we work with you to co-create a collaborative Managed Print Solutions program – from redeploying or replacing devices to changing print processes within your organization.



We will keep you completely in the loop while we integrate your printers into the FTG-GO MPS. You will be set up on the Collaboration Hub that will give you access to track progress from the start to finish, visually, in real-time.


FTG-GO’s Total Managed Print Management is just the beginning of our partnership with you. At FTG-GO, we take the time to review results and revise your strategy during each of your quarterly reviews, creating an ever-improving managed print solutions program.

Service is the Foundation of any MPS Solution

What type of service are you receiving? Reactive vs. Preventative vs. Predictive Service

There are 3 types of service models: Reactive, Preventative and Predictive. The Reactive model is the traditional break/fix service delivery model – the device goes down, the user places an emergency service call. In this scenario the device is already down causing disruption to your business.

The Preventative model is similar to a car maintenance program. Preventative maintenance is scheduled based on page volumes – much like scheduling your car for an oil change (some providers may schedule preventative maintenance on an annual basis which is not as effective for optimizing device performance). FTG-GO uses our extensive knowledge base service history to determine when preventative maintenance is needed and will be most effective. FTG-GO also provides preventative maintenance on every service call.

Predictive Service Delivery

Predictive service allows you to turn an emergency service call into a scheduled service event resulting in:

  • No unplanned downtime
  • No help desk call
  • No disruption to your business
  • No lost productivity
  • No user complaints

FTG-GO is delivering service on all levels – reactive, preventative and predictive.

MPS Assessment

We don’t just stop at your immediate needs, we use our consultative approach to anticipate how we can help you now and into the future. Let us help you get where you want to be. Request your In-Depth Analysis today and we can start working on the best solution for your business.